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10" Coil with 4 bends 50' x 1/2" x .035 OD Tubing 304/304L with 1-1/2" welded ferrules

Part Number 11A04X1050FE2S
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10" Coil with 4 bends 50' x 1/2" x .035 OD Tubing 304/304L with 1-1/2" welded ferrules
10' Coil with 4 bends 50' x 1/2' x .035 OD Tubing 304/304L with 1-1/2' welded ferrules
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This coil has been a big seller as a Stout HERMS coil replacement.  This coil has only 2 welds and weighs a lot less.  Its also has a thinner wall to help transfer heat more efficiently  Two additional 1-1/2" sanitary ferrules are required on the side of your kettle for this coils to adapt.  The tubing is made out of 304/304L stainless and is measured 1/2" OD  (Outside Diameter).  The coil diameter is a 10" diameter and works great for 15-1/2" diameter kettles and up.  The horizontal bends add about 2-1/2" to the overall diameter of the coil and don't forget the space your fitting connections will take up as well. 

Using a HERMS coil eliminates the need for a burner under your mash to maintain temperature and it will also help clarify your wort.  While you mash, your wort will travel through the coil which is installed in your HLT (Hot Liquor Tank).  The HLT will be hot and ready for sparging so you can also maintain your mash temperature with this as well.  While your running your wort through your coil your also filtering giving you great clarity.  HERMS systems help increase your efficiency and get you the original gravity your trying to achieve.

That's not all a HERMS coil can do, it can also cool!  Simply fill your HLT with ice and you've creating a cooling coil!

This 10" diameter coil measures 13-1/2" from the bottom coil to the center of the ferrule.  The lower connection is 3" below the top and located at the 7:30 position while the top is at the 6:00 position.

Customer Reviews
Rating This is a MUST upgrade
This coil is a must upgrade if you own a Stout kettle with their stock coil. The build quality is right on and and the differences between the two are night and day. I no longer have to have my HLT 4 degrees above my mash to keep up. My ramping times are also cut way down. Well worth the money, just wish Stout had this from the get go.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Iowa. - 1/18/2016
Rating Stout 15 gallon can work
I noted the caution about the Stout 15-gallon system. Stainless Brewing did deliver me a HERMs coil that does fit my Stout HLT 15-gallon system. In fact, it fits perfectly. I'd advise anyone who wants one, is to be very specific in their special order instructions that it's for a Stout 15-gallon system. And just to be on the safe side, I'd advise one to send along heighth measurements from the bottom of the kettle to the center point for each ferrule. In my case, the lower ferrule measured 10.25 inches, the higher one, 13.25 inches. I say this only because I'm not sure if Stout changes the models/dimensions based on its supply chain. I'm very pleased with the outcome.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Portland, OR. - 5/7/2018
Rating Caution
Does not fit the Stout 15gallon HLT.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from DFW. - 10/11/2016
Rating Fits in a Coors Belly Keg!
I purchased this coil knowing it would be a really tight fit. As long as you cut the top opening to be atleast 10 1/2" and you drill your holes as close to the top of the keg as possible, it fits like a glove! I used the 1/2" bulkheads with the 1 1/2" clamp to female NPT to put it all together without welds.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from California. - 9/25/2016
Rating Excellent Upgrade
Like the previous review, this is a must upgrade for the Stout Kettle. I was very pleased with the quality and the construction. My only suggestion would be to lower the coil about 4". As it is now I had to top off the HTL to keep it submerged during the mash process. Not a real pain since i use this water later for cleanup, but it does lead to some extra heating time. None the less it is a great upgrade. once the temp was set on my Electric Brewery, it held solid with the desired mash temp.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Murphy. - 5/12/2016
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