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10" Coil with 2 vertical bends 25' x 3/8" x .035 OD Tubing 304/304L HERMS/Fermentor coil

Part Number 11A03X10252V
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10" Coil with 2 vertical bends 25' x 3/8" x .035 OD Tubing 304/304L   HERMS/Fermentor coil
25' of 3/8" tubing at 10" diameter
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This coil has two vertical bends going up.  This configuration is not only used for HERMS systems but fermentors as well.  The coil can be submersed in a fermentor through the lid and glycol or cold water is pumped through the coil to maintain the temperature.  The tubing is made out of 304/304L stainless and is measured 3/8" OD  (Outside Diameter).  This coil has a 10" Outside Diameter and the height is made per your request.  You must note in the comment section upon checkout the overall height from bottom coil to top connections. If you would like spacing between the coils for easy cleaning, please note this in the comment section as well.  No additional comments will leave the coil compressed for shipping and customer can space coils to their requirements.

Using a HERMS coil eliminates the need for a burner under your mash to maintain temperature and it will also help clarify your wort.  While you mash, your wort will travel through the coil which is installed in your HLT (Hot Liquor Tank).  The HLT will be hot and ready for sparging so you can also maintain your mash temperature with this as well.  While your running your wort through your coil your also filtering giving you great clarity.  HERMS systems help increase your efficiency and get you the original gravity your trying to achieve.

That's not all a HERMS coil can do, it can also cool!  Simply fill your HLT with ice and you've creating a cooling coil!

The maximum overall height listed in our shopping cart is set at 20"  Coils with any additional height will require a larger box which can increase shipping costs 

Customer Reviews
Rating Perfect for my SS Brewbucket
I am a bit of a DIY guy, so was looking to retro fit my SS brew bucket for cooling. This coil was perfect for my mission. I have it installed and am very happy with the surface area of cooling that it provides. The coil is high quality and came to my exact specs. You will not be disapointed in this purchase.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from The Villages, Florida. - 12/24/2018
Rating Really nicely made coils
Very high quality. All the coils and bends look perfect. Measurements are spot on. Can't beat it.
  Did you find this helpful?    1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Milwaukee. - 7/17/2017
Rating Homebrewer
OK... I'm a guy, homebrewing in his basement. I wanted to build a HERMS system, and with a bit of research I felt Stainless Brewing did quality work at a good price. I placed an order for a coil and fittings. A few days later, I got a call asking if I could make a minor change- they already had a coil bent and would sell it to me at a discount. Like I said... I'm a guy in his basement, it's not like this kind of customer service is going to mean I make a $5000 order next time. It's just good customer service, the pieces fit perfectly, and I'm going to find some more things to buy to at least make up for them selling at such a discount! If they did this for me, they're going to take good care of you too. I'm a very satisfied customer! Cheers!
  Did you find this helpful?   
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pennyslvania. - 12/26/2020
Rating Keeping my fermentation bath perfect
Fantastic results. Coil was *exact* to my specifications. I even received a call to make sure, as it was an odd request. I'm using it to chill a 100Gal Rubbermaid tank as a small fermenter bath in garage. Will buy again.
  Did you find this helpful?   
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Nashville, TN. - 6/22/2019
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